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Background of Holding Company

Whitex Garments Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in November, 1984 and has more than 35 years experience in the knitted undergarments industry. From operations in a single factory, Whitex Garments Sdn. Bhd. now has operations in 3 different locations which are West Malaysia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. In June 2006, Whitex Knitting Sdn. Bhd. was established in Malaysia to manufacture seamless undergarments, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Whitex Garments Sdn. Bhd. manufacturers all types of knitted and seamless undergarments as per customer requirements.

Whitex Garments Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia. To supply cut and sew undergarments to the export market such as USA, Canada & Europe. We started with 12 units of sewing machine and Canada is our major market for the years. As the business grow rapidly ; to export to USA and Canada, Malaysia was restricted by Quota system . To keep the business growing and keep the customers.
Tang Hong Industries Private Limited was incorporated in Brunei to supply cut and sew undergarments to service our USA and Canada markets as Brunei is the only country in Asia is Quota Free to USA and Canada.
Whitex Knitting Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia. The company was an innovator for the production of nylon seamless underwear in Malaysia. This facility is to replace labor intensive industry for Malaysia operation and to bring our products to another level of high technology standard. The current set up have 153 units of Santoni seamless knitting machines with an monthly output of 2.5 Million pieces.
Whitex Garments Sdn. Bhd. expanded their productions to Bangladesh & Cambodia to be more competitive and to service customers with better benefit. Free tariff imposed by Canada and ECC country to Least Developed Country, Bangladesh and Cambodia are under list of Lease Developed Countries.
Whitex Garments Danang was incorporated in Vietnam for cut and sew facilities. This facilities set up is to take over some operations out from Malaysia and Bangladesh for our USA buyers.
WHITEX TEXTILES INDUSTRIES VIETNAM CO. LTD. (TC 4300808733) was incorporated in Quang Ngai, Vietnam for future expansion and expected to commence operation by year 2020. This company already acquired 2 houses and 8 hectare land from VSIP.


High Quality

Our company is a confection that offers a wide range of high quality products, because of the concept of manufacturing of our products, that it is a commitment between price, quality and service.

Custom Made

We have an amazing design and manufacturing team. Working together to produce high-quality custom apparel for our client.

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